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Various Reasons That Make Graphite Rods Highly Beneficial

Posted by Admin on July, 11, 2019

Graphite offers a unique combination of mechanical, chemical and physical properties that make it ideal for manufacturing different graphite materials and products. Some of the products that you can get from graphite include mechanical seals, carbon brushes, bearings, graphite pipes, machined parts, and even graphite rods. Graphite rods, also known as electrodes are the most commonly used products, especially for heat exchangers. It is used on electrolysis.

Advantages of graphite pipes

The pipes are loved for their tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, and thermal conductivity. Graphite is also a material that is resistant to corrosion, making it even more ideal for the manufacturing of the pipes. Hence look for wholesale graphite rods in Nagpur.

Reasons to use Graphite rods in Electrolysis

The prime reason that graphite rods are used in electrolysis is the excellent conductivity. The structure of graphite is such that it has a large number of electrons floating freely between the different layers of atoms (graphite bonds are formed of only three out of the four electron shells of the carbon atom, leaving the fourth electron to move freely). These electrons act as a powerful conductor, enabling the electrolysis process to progress smoothly.

In addition, graphite is

1. economical,

2. straight-forward to shape into a rod shape,

3. stable at high temperatures and

4. hard-wearing

These reasons make graphite electrodes highly useful in electrolysis.

Changes happened to a Solution during Electrolysis

Graphite enables positively charged ions (metals and hydrogen) to obtain electrons from the negatively charged electrode. Conversely, negatively charged ions lose electrons (oxidation).

Different applications of graphite

1. Rupture discs - Designed to protect high-pressure equipment and systems from over-pressurizing or causing potentially damaging conditions.

Applications: Safety devices, pressure protection devices

• Graphite won’t corrode,

• can withstand high temperatures;

• can be used in harsh conditions without impacting performance

2. Chemically resistant linings - Designed to protect the outer lining of a vessel from aggressively corrosive acidic/alkaline substances.

Graphite is useful to make delicate parts used alongside or in place of carbon bricks in kilns and other high-temperature vessels.

Applications: Baths, scrubber stages, reaction vessels in sulphuric acid production plants

Graphite is resistant to

• Extremely high concentrations of acids,

• Solvents and alkaline solutions when there is no oxidation

• Chemically inert,

• Low porosity

3. Susceptors- Induction heating is a process used to heat metals (including precious metals, brass, and steel) or semiconductors like silicon carbide.

The process involves heating a susceptor, normally made of graphite, which then transfers the heat to the metal or semiconductor by radiation or conduction.

Applications: Heating fluids, developing thermoplastic amalgams, plastic sealing, cap sealing

Graphite is

• Good conductivity,

• Resistant to high temperatures,

• Easy to machine

Where to buy high-quality graphite rods?

It always largely depends on the manufacturer you have settled for. It is, therefore, best that you choose a manufacturer you can trust for reliable and stable quality. Check the leading graphite rods supplier in India that can handle on your behalf as well as the technologies it embraces to ensure that you get the very best with your graphite products like the pipes.

Rods are very important in whatever application they are used and you, therefore, want to get the most suitable ones that won\'t disappoint.

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